Thursday, September 21, 2006

If I Knew The Way, I Would Take You Home

I knew it's been coming for quite a while now. The realization that I am gonna get a whole lotta shit is inevitable to me. Face it. I've tilted with windmills long enough, far longer than Quixote did. Hell, Brer Quixote went out after a quest. His love was Rosciante. No, wait. That was his horse. Damn. I'm confused.

Anyways, El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha was a fighting fool. He went like loco after something most of us miss completely. He went to fight injustice in the name of his beloved, the Lady Dulcinea del Toboso. He loved her first and Roscinate, his beloved steed, took him on this weird and worried quest. Both ladies deserve blame and respect simultaneously.

See, the guy went in a most quixotic way (gee, did I steal that?) after the bad and damnable. He was, alas, in a senile state. Thankfully, he was under the care of his self-proclaimed squire Sancho.

Why do I always think of the Cisco Kid right now, even when his name isn't Pancho?

Or Lefty?

I guess what I'm looking at is the idea that the senile and twisted among us are sometimes the leaders, the seers that show the way to redemption. Sometimes they fight the hardest because they wanna get out. It's almost like the obsessive and compulsive run the earth, rather than the clear and concise? I don't know. Most of the time I can't figure out even who I am in the mix.

But look at the comparison. Who would you rather listen to? The weird and trusting souls like Quixote, or the concise and calculating beings that formulate every move and step you and I take? Who is easier to trust? For me, it's always been rhetorical.

It's funny how, in an historical retrospect, someone like Nixon or Carter seemed easier to follow than Clinton or Bush. In spite of their fairs and fouls, Dick and Jimmy were, somehow, men you could count on. You knew where they stood. You knew who was in charge.

Like George, Teddy, Jefferson, Abe, they were leaders. Strong or weak, they distinguished themselves as leaders and never made excuses for their failings. The people loved them and the people hate them. There was little neutral ground for their likes.

Carter and Nixon as the new heads on Rushmore? Why not? Why not all of 'em? I guess anyone that can want to lead a weird and twisted people like us (remember, they represent all of us) deserves a place of honor. I can't think of a president that I haven't felt some sort of loyalty for, no matter their shortcomings or sins.

Yeah, even Nixon.

Well said.
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