Sunday, October 29, 2006

windshield, brown canyon

He looks very distinguished with his two-tone color scheme. What is he?
i don't know, but he seemed to appreciate the lift i gave him to his girlfriend's place at the other end of the canyon
Introduced this foreign species into the other end of canyon did you? Ever hear of Cane Toads????
Best go back and save the County from some kinda devistation. I don't trust this critter one bit. No siree, very shifty looking. Cool shot none the less!!
We call them Leather-Head beetles or Mesquite beetles.

They, the females, make a chew around a branch on Mesquite tree branches and lay their legs in them. Then, the next spring, the eggs hatch and the beetles mature. The branch falls off at the chew point.
They look like fishbait to me
I was born in Leatherhead England...explains somethin' don't it?
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