Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Offering

Yoiks. The archives are overflowing. Newly re-discovered art of a high degree has surfaced, bringing to yet another generation images of the halcyon days of youth.Photo by Leo
Here pictured is the ever-youthful Mike, "The Woz", Wozniak. Cameraman for a PBS affiliate and charter member of the daring-do f2.8 photographic consortium, Woz is remembered as the winner of the first f2.8 best of show trophy for his print of nothing particularly memorable, except than when he developed the print, he immediately dried it and sealed in black plastic until the contest, skipping the fix and final rinse. Lo and behold, as we critiqued the images of the night, Woz's print changed colors under the bright light and slowly faded to black. A true piece of performance art for which he will long be remembered.

great story!

i love the teal groucho on the telly
In this pic, your friend looks like a young Tom Petty (not Groucho, I mean Woz lol) ... love the story of his art win =)
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