Thursday, November 02, 2006


Ok. I get it. I've been remiss, neglegent in my postings at this esteemed conclave of memorabilia and nonsense non-sequiturs. Sometimes a guy has just nuttin' to say. The stresses of having to produce on demand are overwhelming, even for a macho guy like me. Seems if it ain't the women wanting me to come across, it's the likes of The.Chronicler wanting me to be effervescent, sardonic and witty. Then Spoke goes and swallows his gum and the whole place is in an uproar, a world gone wrong yearning for new insight and smart repartee.

As I have long noted, us wordsmiths are a touchy bunch. The call of the ambiguous is always in the back of our minds and the misperceptions of the huddled masses push us to the brink of insanity. I think that it started when entertainment stopped being entertaining, reality programming destroying forever the escape from dour existence. Made for Television movies about real people's sad stories, contrived relationships in Bora-Bora or some soundstage in Burbank, crime scene investigator shows that don't do the whodunit like the old days but instead become vehicleees of the new pornography, titilating the viewer with cruxified rape victims in prime time. Truth, truth, truth... Is reality really enterrtaining? Bah. I think not.

I was just commenting to my husband tonight that two things I can control are what I watch and what I read. I don't like garbage, and I don't have to consume it.
Nope. We don't need you to be "effervescent, sardonic and witty." Maybe you think that we expect that from you. Sorry to disappoint you, but, no.

Just show up for dinner once in a while.

And wash your hands.
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