Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm wearing my recently-acquired Native American turquoise-and-silver bracelet and my Bluetooth® wireless hands-free headset for my cell phone. Bluetooth® is so amazing that I think somebody should design the earpiece as a gadget that is part of the phone design, but detachable. It would be like a shuttle leaving the mother ship. Everywhere my cell phone goes, my Bluetooth® goes with it.

My bling — sort of a merger of ancient traditions and Star Trek.

Did you ever see The President's Analyst?
James Coburn played a psychiatrist who uncovered Ma Bell's secret plan to implant phone devices in everyone's brains. I think you're about as close to it as you can get!

As a side note, remember once upon a time when there was a giant monopoly called Ma Bell? Gone with the wind.
Is THAT what people are up to when they shout in their cars...I thought they had big ear rings and were singing.
Looks like you're ready to boogie-woogie, Chronicler! Rock on =)
Spoke, my friend, you are partially correct. When you see some of those and people shouting, they are singing.

Whenever I wear my turquoise and silver bracelet and my bluetooth, I am in a singing mood. Usually it's some old bluesy song but occasionally it's a Beatles song or an old folk song or, what usually happens, I sing along with Buddy Holly. For some reason "The Prince of Lubbock's" songs lend themselves to bluetooth and turquoise.

Can't you hear me howling "Not Fade Away" or "Rave On" while driving down the road in my bluetooth and turquoise.

Actually, that sounds like a song. I claim copyright to "Bluetooth and Turquoise". Too late Teddy.
Lyrics to "Bluetooth and Turquoise" will be posted in full tomorrow. The muse inspires and who am I to argue? The audio will be available by November 12. I promised it to my pondering publisher by then.

Rest assured, it's a bluesy rocker with some swing and reggae tinges. It makes you want to move your feet and sit on your sorry butt at the same time.

Amazing how those muses work.
Elvis would have worn Bluetooth® and the blue stones (had he lived out West).
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