Sunday, November 19, 2006

fierce cats

Cougar. Puma. Mountain lion. They are the same thing.

This photo was taken in the 1950s and 1960s. These cats were killed in "Brown's Canyon." This canyon is one of several that are surrounded by 9,600-foot peaks on the breathtaking eastern flank of the Huachuca Mountains of southeastern Arizona. These mountains are also notorious for their labyrinth of smuggling routes from Mexico.

But the mighty cougar ...

-- The cougar can run up to 45 mph.
-- It can leap 20 feet from a standing position.
-- It can jump vertically 8 feet. (One was seen jumping 12 feet into a tree, while holding a deer in its jaws)
-- Males can be 8 feet from nose to tail and average 150 pounds in weight.
-- Their life span in the wild is about 10 years.

True story: Back in high school some of my friends & I went up to Miller Canyon and for some (dumb) reason we ended up sunbathing on the big rocks there...anyway, my eyes were closed and I heard this weird sound and my friends started screaming - there, on the next rock over was this mountain lion staring at us. Fortunately he didn't jump or anything (there was a big enough gap between us), but we hightailed it outta there as fast as we could. Those guys are INDEED fierce!!!
Wow !
You know, I was just thinking, Peggi, if I were a cougar, and I saw you sunbathing on a boulder, I might look at you the way Leonard looks at a bratwurst, kraut and German potato salad served up on a plate.
LOL =) I think he definitely wanted us for dinner - I'm still surprised we got away....
We don't hear much talk about cougars in this part of KY, but we do have bobcats. In Kansas City, Missouri, where my husband is from, he heard rumors all his life about cougars in the bluffs along the Missouri River, and in the last few years, I've read about several authenticated sightings there. The same sorts of rumors persisted about the Niobrara River canyons in northern Nebraska, quite near where I grew up.
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