Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is an ancient Maori ceremonial axe made from greenstone and attached to an ornately carved handle. The toki pou tangata was a pre-European tool normally made of stone and used for chipping. Today these distinctive Maori items are internationally recognized for their fine craftsmanship. As an historical artifact, the axe commemorates its origins and captures a piece of New Zealand´┐Żs history.

Photo by Chester Arthur Burnett

Interesting. You go to WalMart (please don't) and buy an axe these days. Nothing ornate, limited skill beyond the original design...nothing beautiful. We've lost our way. The most ceremonial things we could get our hands on would be tuxes and make-up...whatta shame!
Yippee! Now that's a war axe. Imagine the flat top that baby could provide!
Yeah, but what's that thing in your hand?
You look like a piece of New Zeland's History.

Andy Warhol and Nico
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