Thursday, November 23, 2006

where i will spend thanksgiving

I will backpack in the Chiricahua Wilderness again. It is my tradition. It's the kind of place that prompts one to spontaneously express joy at G-d's awesome wonders.

Not only all that awesome wonders stuff, the weather is in the mid '70's in the day and the nights have not gotten too cold yet. Aside from the bears, Ted'll get a good cell signal and, hopefully he brought a lotta DVD's to watch. I hear tell he's having the event catered. Roughing it.
The more I ponder this, the more skeptical I get. Has anyone noticed how it looks like Theo's pic is cut out and pasted on a postcard? I'd venture he's holed up in some fancy Scottsdale resort right now, sipping frozen Banana Daquris with J.D. Hayworth and Jack Abramoff.
The nights were in the mid-30s (Fahrenheit). Didn't see any bears, and there was absolutely no cell phone signal.

The photo is real: It's a fill flash that illuminates me whilst the background is lit by the sun. What can I say? Lucky shot. Taken last November in the Chiricahua National Monument.
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